Canine Therapeutic Massage Services at PAWSH

Canine Therapeutic Massage Services at PAWSH

Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy!

Dogs can suffer from joint and muscle pains at all ages. Canine massage therapy is an excellent way for your dog or puppy to relieve aches and pains without needing medication.

Our team of veterinarians at Premier Animal Wellness & Surgery Hospital is certified in canine therapeutic massage and can help your dog relieve muscle and joint pain naturally. With gentle hands and expert-level knowledge, we provide individualized massage services for your canine companions.

Our Canine Massage Services

Massage therapy addresses pain issues and reduces discomfort. There are different types of canine therapeutic massages, and each has its own purpose and benefits. After we perform a pet wellness exam, we can determine which option is best for your dog.

Our canine massage techniques include:

  • Stretching and passive range of motion exercises to promote healthy joints
  • Light Swedish massage techniques to promote relaxation
  • Trigger point therapy to relieve tension and discomfort caused by knots
  • Acupressure therapy to stimulate energy flow and promote healing

Your Dog Deserves Professional Therapeutic Massage Services

We know you love your dogs and want to see them live happily and comfortably. Contact us for more information about PAWSH’s canine therapeutic massage services. We can’t wait to see your dog walk and run pain-free!

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