Pet Travel Exams in Kentucky

Pet Travel Exams in Kentucky

USDA-Accredited Pet Travel Exams Available

Do you plan on traveling abroad with your pet? If so, you likely need a pet travel exam to receive a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. A pet travel exam is a medical examination to ensure your pet is in good health and has all the required vaccines for international travel.

Premier Animal Wellness & Surgery Hospital is fully approved and accredited by the USDA to perform pet travel exams and issue a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. We also offer pet health certificates for airline travel!

Pet travel laws vary by country, so research specific requirements for any nation you visit. When you’re ready, our team will be ready to provide you and your pet with the documentation needed to enjoy your travels together.

What is Covered by a Pet Travel Exam?

The specific requirements of a pet travel exam vary by species and destination. However, the general purpose is to ensure that all pets are in good health and will not pose a health risk to other animals abroad.

For most pets, this includes (but is not limited to) performing a brief exam, placing or verifying a microchip, completing paperwork, and for some destinations, obtaining USDA endorsement. It also means reviewing the pet’s vaccination status to ensure safe travels.

Book a Travel Exam For Your Pets Today

Most Certificates of Veterinary Inspection follow a precise timeline, and most are valid for up to 10 days. Special processing of paperwork by the USDA may be required and can take between 1-3 business days. It’s best to take care of this travel requirement within the right window, so be sure to research the necessary certifications before traveling. Contact us at PAWSH today to get your pet ready to travel!

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